09 March 2009

Happy Birthday, Barbie!

Barbie turns 50 today, and she has never been looking better. And Ken's new looks... !!
Thank you, Herr Lagerfeld.

“The doll sells the fashion and the fashion sells the doll.” Ruth Handler.

True. For the last fifty years Barbie was always dressed in vogue.

Ruth Handler is sort of Barbie's "mum". On a trip to Europe she bought three Bild-Lilli-Dolls and took them to America. She pursuaded Mattel to produce dolls with adult physiognomy.

Here are a some more images of Bild-Lilli and some more info. Read about Bild Lilli's histoy here.

Dolls with adult appearance were not a new. Basically Barbie is following the tradition of french fashion dolls of the 19. century.

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