02 June 2009

The Mysterious Tree and Buttercup Meadows

There is a huge tree in the Possible Garden and for weeks we did not know what it was. Now, finally, the leaves came out and we were able to identify it.

Apperantly it is a Robinia pseudoacacia also known as Locust Tree.

The German name is Silberregen, literary translated silver rain. In a few weeks time it shall be in blossom and we shall see why.

At the moment it's got very bright green young leaves that looked amazing against the clear blue Yorkshire skyes yesterday, so John took this picture.

It's been sunny and hot and we've done a short trip to the garden, only to find that we do not have to water the plants as the snails have already eaten most of them.

On the way back to the studio we passed meadows that were blazing yellow.

Buttercup meadows in West Yorkshire.

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