18 September 2009


All August we have been converting the printworks and finally things take shape. So we are about to move from Bankfield Mill

to the Old Printworks in Clayton West.

We have been shifting stuff most everyday, bit by bit.

But hopefully some of our friends will help us this weekend. It would be great to have some more hands and extra wheels to shift the bulky stuff. We should be able to crack it in a long half day, then we’ll light up the BBQ and crack open some beers.

[images, and indeed some of the text, by John Coombes]


  1. I wish you will stay happy with your shifting. I hope you will keep contact on this blog. Thank You!

  2. Thank you for enrolling in the BYW class, I just had a look at your blog and can't wait to "meet" you in class next month! :)