07 February 2010


So here it is, my inspiration board.

I'll print this image and put it in the notebook you see in the bottom left corner, where I keep a record of things that inspire me. As this inspiration board should show my personal style and how I want my blog to look like, I decided to assemble some of my work* on the table, instead of  just sticking cut out pictures from magazines onto a board, like I have done previously for coursework at university. I will take some images of those mood boards this week to share them with you here on my blog.

I should have taken the photograph in natural light, but I admit, I didn't. Sorry. 
I had a very busy week and today, after lunch, I wanted to have a short nap, before I finish my homework and woke up hours later. By then the little daylight that we get here in the north of England in February was gone. I can sleep for hours and still feel tired - maybe the energy burst you should have in your second trimester of pregnancy is just a myth.

Anyway - I got up and took some images of the board, without flash, in my textile studio, but was not too happy with them. So I went through to my partner's photography studio and used the big daylight flash.

[image I took in my textile studio - not too happy with it]

I left the arrangement on the floor and will go back tomorrow afternoon (if I get back home early enough that is) and take some daylight pictures from different angles.

*I put two of my fabric designs in the background and arranged some of the things I make and sell in my Etsy shop on top, together with some of the materials and tools I use, oh - and a couple of pictures I cut out from a magazine.

Please comment! Don't be shy.


  1. This really sets a mood...lovely!

  2. lovely! i want everything on your board! especially the shoes - in my size!

  3. Wow, this is so beautiful ... soft and dreamy ... I feel like I'm in the midst of a fairytale ... just gorgeous,
    Allison xx

  4. oh...the little tiny shoes...so cute...a wonderful board...yes really just in a fairytale...love this vitage style...;)...well done...

  5. Beautiful board!! Wonderful colours, soft and feminine! Very pretty.
    Have a good week and see you on BYW.
    Love, Ingrid

  6. this looks realy great! love the old fashioned items and pale colours. Great job!

  7. Still going through everyone's boards on BYW. Yours is absolutely stunning! The soft colors are just beautiful!

  8. Dear Katrin, I LOVE your beautiful boards, with all the pretty items and soft colours. Well done! I love your blog too, and your new blog name. Its so nice to visit you & see you in class! :)

  9. SO PRETTY! This mauve + gold + neutral color palette is beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Suze (from BYW)