03 August 2010

The advantages of having a very small baby

When Johanna was born, 4 months and 2 weeks ago, she was only 1490 g and around 40 cm long. Yesterday she got weight and measured again: 4620 g and 55 cm.

We are so proud of our little girl. If she keeps growing at that speed she'll have to move to the bottom drawer by the end of next week.


  1. Hello from Amsterdam! Lovely photos but you should really tuck the shawl into the drawer in case she gets cold. You could also consider having a baby monitor inside the drawer in case the crying is too muffled by the wood. Hope this helps. Beautiful baby, by the way.

  2. Wonderful! My mama has always joked about the idea of just tucking our babies into the dresser drawer! I'm sending her a link of your beautiful baby and his fantastic drawer. Best wishes from Texas!

  3. Oh my gosh, these are such adorable photos! I love them! Johanna is such a cutie! I remember when our girls are this little and were the size small enough to lie on a drawer! If I try to put my oldest who is six now in a drawer, she'll totally break the whole dresser!