03 September 2010


You can now watch "Trapezius", a dance film I worked on, in full length:

TRAPEZIUS from John Coombes on Vimeo.

John planned this film using one of his paintings as a starting point. He filled lots and lots of pages with his exquisite drawings, scribbles and notes and created an amazing storyboard.

painting by John Coombes 

© John Coombes

While we were in amongst the preparations, building the set, holding auditions, doing various test shoots and trying lots of different lighting options, we went to the farewell party of our friends Wayne and Fran who were going to live in Australia for six months. I sneaked out the back door for a cigarette [I used to smoke occasionally] and met Ian Sanderson, which, it turned out, was a wonderful coincidence. He said he was a musician. I said we were looking for a musician for a dance film. He said he was very interested in writing music for a film.

He wrote the most beautiful tunes and came up with wonderful arrangements.

Ian tailored his music around Johns images and John cut the pictures to Ian's music. I learned a lot whilst watching the amazing process of editing the piece. Oh, and by then I have also learnt that Ian is part of the Urban Myth Club, and that his sound samples have been used by hundreds of artists including Massive Attack, Lemon Jelly, the Prodigy and Beastie Boys. It was a pleasure working with him.

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