17 April 2011

The Bluebells are out!

So we went for a walk, an expedition, an adventure - with Johanna in the backpack. We we went up the hill and through the woods to a place I have never been before, a place where we thought we might find lots of bluebells, a place called Riding Woods.

And we did. We found lots and lots of bluebells.

And we found the entrance to a coal mine

that looked a bit like a hobbit prison.

And we found a swing

that looked very adventurous.

And we found nice little tracks through the woods

and lovely little dry stone walls.

[Bluebells are called Atlantisches Hasenglockchen in German.]

More beautiful bluebell pictures and a lovely post on Rona Wheeldon's blog Flowerona here.


  1. Thanks for taking us along with you on your walk,what a beautiful place!phyllis

  2. This is so beautiful! Did you ever see the movie 'Howard's End'? There's a scene where one of the main characters, Leonard Bast, is walking through a forest where the ground was just covered in bluebells; it was a foggy morning and you hear his voiceover recalling poetry -one of my most favorite movie scenes ever!

    I highly recommend the film (has Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter and Anthony Hopkins); it's on my top 5 favorites and is one of the few films made exactly as the book is written (also one of my faves).