09 January 2013

Gute Vorsätze - New Year's Resolutions

are not always a good thing. As they only seem to last as long as the year is new. And soon, instead of improving your life, you feel guilty and a failure, as you cannot even achieve the simplest thing.

So this year I ended up making a (long) list and then picked the three most important things. And I'll stick to those. (I chose things I love doing anyway!)

Everything else that was on the initial list will still be important to me and if I manage to do some of these things occasionally it'll be a bonus.

So here's one: Do more sketches and care less. Sketches don't need to be perfect.

This lonely flower is growing just outside the Old Printworks.
I was able to combine the sketching with another thing from the long list: Spend more time outside with my kids.

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