18 February 2013

Weekend walk

As it's been sunny at the weekend I went for a long walk at the Sculpture park with both kids.

Johanna was thrilled to find some snowdrops

and exciting sculpture.

It's perfect for a walk with the kids. I don't like walking along the road with lots of traffic. In Frankonia we go for walks in the forrest or use Feldwege, small roads amongst fields. They don't have these here in Yorkshire. There are lots of footpaths across fields, but you'd have to climb dry stone walls, so not ideal for pushchairs.

The light was fantastic in the afternoon.

The Camellia House and a sculpture by Sophie Ryder.

Inside the Camellia House it smelled of wood and flowers and you could hear water running. 

I like the structure and marks on this sculpture.

 Johanna finding Isamu Noguchi's sculpture Finding.

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