14 February 2014

Freitag's Links

Thomas Vailly and Laura Lynn's 20 Minutes Dresses.
Beautiful 3-D effects archived by applying glueing stretch fabric together. Made me think of a project I did once. See image below.

★ Färg & Blanche stitch wood together to form furniture.
That's harder than it sounds. A friend of mine has tried. I stitched metal together and that was hard enough. 

★ New flexible paper sculptures by Li Hongbo. Made me think of the absolutely stunning Alabaster heads by Jaume Plensa I've seen a t the Yorkshire Sculpture Park a few years ago.

 Growing out bangs, or a fringe as it's called in the UK, or Pony in German, one of the things I dreaded before I had dreads. Found on thebeautydepartment.com, one of the most beautiful beauty blogs I've ever come across.

 People in Vienna dancing to Happy by Pharrell Williams. Made me miss Vienna, but also made me smile.

Have a lovely weekend! 

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