10 June 2011

Stripe Mania

This is our contribution to STRIPE MANIA, a virtual meet and greet party for bloggers, hosted by Holly from decor8 and Igor. If you are participating as well please leave a link to your pic in the comment section. We're looking forward to seeing you!
See some more bloggers in stripes here at Pinterest.

John from Yorkshire, England, is blogging on The Unstuck Diaries: www.deletetheweb.com/unstuck
Katrin form Bavaria, Germany, is blogging on Tales From A Textile Studio: www.katrinfreitag.blogspot.com
and Johanna has got her own blog, BabyBongo, which is only available for family and close friends, keeping them up to date with her adventures.


  1. I love your stripey family! Too bad I am so late, or I would try join in the fun... I love Holly and her blogs. Best wishes from Ochsenfurt, tj