18 November 2013

Restraint - dance for camera piece

The latest  dance film by my partner John Coombes is online now. It's so special to show the final version of this piece. It was planned, rehearsed, filmed and edited over such a long period of time, I can't quite believe that it's finished now. I got so used to hear the wonderful music coming out of the studio and John's office over the last few months.

RESTRAINT from John Coombes on Vimeo.
The Spirit is free, she has shed her social inhibitions, she has shed her anger, she has shed her clothes, she lives free, nothing restrains her. But, without anything to fight against, to strain against, she has no drive, no objectives, no passion.

Ab heute Abend ist der neueste Tanzfilm von John auf vimeo zu sehen. Nach all der Planung, den Proben, dem Filmen und dem Schneiden hab ich mich so sehr daran gewöhnt ständig die Musik aus Johns Büro und dem Studio zu hören. Das wird mir sicher fehlen.

Danke Chris Zippel für die Musik. 

UPDATE: 14600 hits in the first week! YAY! 

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