27 November 2013

The most expensive work ever sold at auction

So this month Francis Bacon's paintings of Lucian Freud sold for US$142.4m, that's around 106.000.000 €, roughly £89 000 000, that's rather a lot.

In fact that is the highest price a piece of art has ever raised in auction. But you don't have to be a millionaire to be able to hang some beautiful artwork in your home. Did you know you can rent a painting?

on the sofa II

The painting above by my partner John was actually rented out and then bought.

With a monthly payment you can either get the painting you've set your eyes on and want to own at the end of your contract or you can exchange the painting to have fresh work every now and then. It's also a good opportunity to find out if the piece looks and feels right in your home.

Some people don't buy a painting, though they like it very much, because of the commitment that comes with owning a painting. It can be a big statement. Sometimes you need to hear what your family and friends say and you might want to live with the painting for a while to see how you'll feel about it before you buy.

one of the thieves

Jo & the seagull

on the armchair

All of the above images are by John Coombes.
Look at more of his figurative paintings, drawings, and mixed media pieces.

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