08 February 2009

Credit Crunch

Rezept für Choco Crossies
Recipe for homemade Credit Crunch

200 g Milk Chocolate (or mix milk chocolate and dark chocolate)
25 g Butter
10 g Vanilla Sugar & a tiny pinch of salt
100 g Cornflakes

Melt the chocolate*, add butter, salt and vanilla sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved. Add Cornflakes and mix by using a spatula until all cornflakes are completely covered in chocolate. Try to get all the nice chocolate from the sides of the pan onto the cornflakes.
Put the mass in small heaps on some tin foil and let it cool down.


*I prefer melting chocolate in a saucepan on the stove.
Break or chop the chocolate into small pieces. Put 2/3 in a sauce pan and slowly heat. It will take time to dissolve, do not give it too much heat, but a lot of patience. As the chocolate will start to melt, stir with a spatula. Usually you can take it off the stove when it is mostly melted, add the rest of the chocolate and keep stirring. This will help to prevent overheating.

For melting chocolate I don’t like using the microwave, as I cannot really see what’s going on and feel the chocolate melting. If you do use a microwave make sure the chocolate does not get too hot. You will need to stop the microwave very often to stir the chocolate to ensure that it heats evenly.

Of course you can put the chocolate chunks in a heatproof bowl within a gently simmering saucepan of water. But you have to be very careful when stirring as you should not allow any water to get in contact with your chocolate!

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