24 February 2009

Fränkische Feuerspatzen

To celebrate Pancake Day we've been making the Franconian version of a doughnut.

500 g plain flour
10 - 15 g yeast (according to the amount of flour and the instructions on the sachet)
1/4 l milk
60 g sugar
60 g butter
4 eggs
a pinch of salt
a splash of rum

Allow dough to rise,
then deepfry spoonfuls in hot oil.

Oh, and some icing sugar.
A quick & easy version of doughnuts, very tasty!

Traditional doughnuts are called Krapfen. In some areas they are called Berliner and in Berlin they are called Pfannkuchen, which means pancakes in the rest of Germany.

Franconian Krapfen are filled with rosehip puree. Delicious!


  1. They look delicious - - but a Diabetic's Death Threat, sadly!

  2. Hi...
    Thank you for sharing such a nice recipe. I would love this item. I am giving a party to my friends this weekend at my farmhouse. I was wondering about some new item to treat my friends with. I will surely try this and let you know.