09 January 2014

Down from the tree and up to the attic

Most of our Christmas decorations came down today. Generally I like starting to decorate things christmasy from the 1st  December or 1st Advent, whichever comes first, and take things down on Epiphany. But this year I'm in no rush. I enjoyed Christmas in Bavaria and I enjoyed having our house all christmasy and cosy.

This year on 1st December I moved our sofa from the living room to the studio for a photo shoot for "Blogging Your Way". When I put the tree up in the living room I thought it was great to have more space and left the sofa where it was. We put a couple of small mattresses and big floor cushions down and created a lovely space for cuddles under the tree. The children have been building forts and castles and boats and will probably complain when we'll move the sofa back in tomorrow.

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