29 November 2008

More corsages

I am spending all weekend in the studio, working on new corsages.

28 November 2008

More Markets

The Market on Sunday was a big success and I have been asked to exhibit at another one:

Holme Valley Warehouse
Artists Christmas Fair

Saturday and Sunday
6th and 7th of December

Art work, crafts, potters wheel, old quirky furniture, art raffle...
Free admission and refreshments

11 Westgate, Honley, Holmfirth, Huddersfield HD9 6AA

More Graziela

We also had the very popular "Schlaflied" duvet and pillow cover, but without the lyrics. I am so happy and thrilled that they will become available again!!

Me in my pram.


No other textile designs mean more to me than the ones by Graziela Preiser. You might not have heard of her, but if you show some of her designs to any German who grew up in the 70s* they will go "aah, yes, I had one of those!"
(or 80s indeed as things were of such good quality that they were passed to younger siblings)
Looking at them brings back memories of a wonderful time. Being tucked into bed after an exciting day, feeling safe, loved, cared for and looked after.

Me and my elder sister in about 1979.

27 November 2008

At the movies

I've just seen the new Bond. Let's be honest:

At the theatre

We've seen a stunning show of aerial dance by Ockham's Razor at the Lawrence Batley Theatre last night.

24 November 2008

At the Art Market

photographs: John Coombes

Rebecca and me at my stall.

21 November 2008

Art Market

[click on the image to enlarge]