28 January 2009

The Kapok Corset

I have been creating this corset by using a concept of ancient chinese military wear. Thousands of years ago they have been using silk stuffed with kapok to create sword proof clothing.

The metal bit in the middle is derived by a pattern they used in chinese armour to create an arrow proof but light and flexible surface.

They have been using full metal plates, arranged in this special pattern - I have been using cut out metal of beer cans.

Applause Machine

Here it is, enjoy!

Read more about it on their Laikingland Blog.

27 January 2009

New needlings

Today embroidered things are featured on poppytalk.
Nice to see that, while I am working on new "needlings"
and "nimmermehr quilts".

22 January 2009


I finally uploaded some items to my etsy shop. Now I am trying to find out how to become a successful seller on etsy. ;)

21 January 2009

Applause Machine

Today we have been filming Martin's Applause Machines for Laikingland.

The Applause Machine can be purchased on their website. It comes in the most vibrant colours. My favourite is the orange one!
"Traffic Orange". I love it.