28 January 2012

Vorbote des Frühlings - Herald of spring

We enjoyed the warming sun today and so did this little flower.
Hope you are having a great weekend, too.

05 January 2012

SchOreo Cake

Hmmm... the house smells lovely, I wish you could smell it - or even have a slice of this cake. Delicious!

I made up the recipe for this fabulous looking and yummy tasting cake with Oreo Biscuits. I used ingredients I had in the house and found it was fun to make it all up, going through the cupboards, thinking about what might go together well and then just mix it all in.

Afterwards I googled recipes for cakes with Oreo biscuits and was surprised to find that there were hundreds already. Anyway, I still love doing the cake my way. It's easy to make and absolutely luscious, with crunchy bits of biscuits and a magnificent flavor.

So here's my SchOreo cake recipe:

4 eggs and a pinch of salt
120 g brown sugar
50 g soft brown sugar
1 Vanilla sugar
250g margarine
2 tbsp rum
¾ cup Bailey's
250 g plain flour
1 baking powder
3 tbsp cocoa powder
½ tsp cinnamon
100 g dark chocolate
1 paket (154 g) of Oreo biscuits

Beat the eggs until frothy. Add the sugar and stir in well. Add soft margarine, then rum and Bailey's and stir until well blended. Mix flour with cocoa and cinnamon and add it to your dough. Chop up the chocolate and stir it all in. Chop up the Oreo biscuits and add 70 g. Mix well.

Put the dough in a greased small springform baking tin and put the Oreo biscuit crumbles on top. Slightly press them in.

Bake at 180°C in a preheated oven for about 70 minutes.


Und noch mal auf deutsch:

In einer grossen Schüssel die Eier mit einer Prise Salz schaumig rühren, den Zucker zugeben und unterrühren. Die Margarine in einer seperaten Schüssel schaumig rühren, dann die Eiermasse unterrühren. Rum und Baileys zugeben und noch mal rühren. Mehl, Backpulver, Kakao und Zimt mischen und unterrühren. Schokolade dazu. Oreo zerbröseln/zerhacken und ca. 70 g zugeben. Rühren.

Teig in eine gefettete kleine Springform geben, die restlichen Oreo Kekse auf dem Kuchen verteilen und leicht in den Teig drücken.

Bei 180°C im vorgeheizten Ofen ca. 70 Minuten backen.

04 January 2012

Be Linen Movie 2

BE LINEN MOVIE 2 from Benoit MILLOT on Vimeo.

More about flax and it's potential in this short film.

The fabrics shown in this film make me want to work with linen again, right away. I used linen in some of my textile sculpture and found that even with 100 % linen in plain weave there can be huge differences in it's quality and feel. It's a fascinating material, I love it's unique strength and performance as well as it's natural unevenness that reminds you that the fibre is grown, not manufactured.

Flax is one of the oldest fibers used for making textiles. Dyed flax fibers found in a prehistoric cave in Georgia suggest that wild flax was woven into linen fabrics 36,000 years ago. It's ecological and versatile qualities could also make it the fibre of the future.

03 January 2012

Be Linen Movie

BE LINEN MOVIE from Benoit MILLOT on Vimeo.

A short film about linen - it's wonderful to see people who are so passionate about that amazing fibre. Via poppytalk.