31 January 2016

Freitag's Links

★ I want one: Lamzac 

★ Realistc dolls by Michael Zaikov  (deutscher Artikel hier) 

★ Lonely Planet's Top 10 reasons to visit Bavaria  

★ No diet, no detox: how to relearn the art of eating 

★ 10 Artists who contemporize the ancient craft of embroidery

★ Paris' modernist housing estates and their elderly residents - in pictures

★ Tutu makers are in dangerously short supply

28 January 2016

"Good design isn't about technologies and devices – it has a social heart and a role to play in meeting the needs of people facing impossible challenges."
Dr. Harriet Harris, one of the leaders of this project, Royal College of Art, London.

"Whilst our wearable won't solve the whole problem it addresses a small part of it."
via Dezeen

Support on Kickstarter.

We all hear about refugees in the media every day, still the facts are hard to grasp.
Right now there are 60 Million people, who have become refugees and this number is still rising.
More facts on the UNO website or in the video below.

However we will try to solve this problem, education and clever design need to be at the heart of it.

25 January 2016

Thank you for being patient

Look what I've found in my garden today! The kids (and I) were very excited. We've also found a tiny daffodil, a rosebud and a nearly red strawberry.

First crocus of 2016!

For quite some time I have neither been gardening nor blogging. Other things have taken over in life. So if you are still popping by, thank you for being patient. If you are new, welcome to my blog. Soon there's a lot coming up on this blog, as well as in the garden.