My name is Katrin Freitag. I live a creative life, with my husband John, who is an artist and independent filmmaker, and our two little children. We turned an old Printworks in Yorkshire, UK, into our family home and studio space. We love spending time with my family in Bavaria, on my parents farm.

On this blog I write about projects I’m working on, things that inspire me, my adventures abroad and the renovation of The Old Printworks. I'll also share some of my favourite vegetarian recipes and write about the car park I am just turning into a garden.

It's a slow process to create new work at the moment, as I am mainly looking after my children, but I am continuously working on ideas and also create new textile sculpture. 
I'm constantly experimenting. I am happy to take commissions. 

My textile sculptures explore the vulnerability of the material and depict the desire for protecting the human body. I take inspiration from the traditional use of fabrics and then experiments with unusual treatments and combinations of materials. 
I studied Textile Design at Hochschule Hof, Abt. Münchberg in Germany and at the University of Huddersfield in England.

I'm also learning lots about photography and filmmaking by working with my husband. Have a look at the making of video of his latest "dance for camera" piece. 

1. I love growing plants from seeds.  
2. I am vegetarian.
3. I grew up on a pig farm. 
7. I’m a Hotelfachfrau – I’ve done three years of apprenticeship plus seven years working in hotels and restaurants. 
9. I talk to my mum nearly every day - Skype is great. 
11. Together with John, the love of my life, I’ve turned an old printworks into our family home and studio. 
12. I am a textile designer/artist. 
13. I studied textile design for 6 years - I got a 1.0 for my Diplomarbeit. 
14. I’m a mum. My girl is 7 and my son is 5. 
16. I can play the accordion, Bavarian style. 
17. I’ve had dreadlocks for 12 years now. 
18. I’ve always got big plans and fresh ideas. 
19. But not always enough energy and time. 
20. I need nine hours uninterrupted sleep minimum. Which I haven’t had in years. I have coffee instead.