16 October 2013

Creative Yorkshire

John took this photograph of me as part of his "Creative Yorkshire" series.

03 October 2013

Derelict Textile Mills

Stunning photographs today on dailymail.co.uk of derelict textile mills in West Yorkshire.

Especially the first two images on dailymail.co.uk remind me very much of Bankfield Mill, our former studio. The first one looks like the upper floor and second one just like the staircase going up to it.

It's terribly sad that no one else has moved in this fabulous space since we've left. I drove past yesterday and it hurts to see the windows to the upper floor of that beautiful building being borded up. All this great space being neglected. Sad.

We've had happy times there.

Here are a few images taken by John Coombes on the day we moved out.

01 October 2013

Bye bye Summer - we had lots of fun.
Hello October.