27 November 2013

The most expensive work ever sold at auction

So this month Francis Bacon's paintings of Lucian Freud sold for US$142.4m, that's around 106.000.000 €, roughly £89 000 000, that's rather a lot.

In fact that is the highest price a piece of art has ever raised in auction. But you don't have to be a millionaire to be able to hang some beautiful artwork in your home. Did you know you can rent a painting?

on the sofa II

The painting above by my partner John was actually rented out and then bought.

With a monthly payment you can either get the painting you've set your eyes on and want to own at the end of your contract or you can exchange the painting to have fresh work every now and then. It's also a good opportunity to find out if the piece looks and feels right in your home.

Some people don't buy a painting, though they like it very much, because of the commitment that comes with owning a painting. It can be a big statement. Sometimes you need to hear what your family and friends say and you might want to live with the painting for a while to see how you'll feel about it before you buy.

one of the thieves

Jo & the seagull

on the armchair

All of the above images are by John Coombes.
Look at more of his figurative paintings, drawings, and mixed media pieces.

Shooting stones

Yesterday our friend Sue Lawty came to the studio. She brought her latest work to be photographed.
It's a commission for a hospital in North Yorkshire.

photograph: Jess Hutchinson

I've seen the work in progress at her studio before, but to see a finished panel was so magical.

You look at the fine individual stones and then step back to look at the panel, which is 2.4 m long, and somethig happens. The stones, which are carefully arranged, form beautiful patterns. The whole piece consists of 7 panels, so when finally installed it will be be 16.8 m long. 240000 stones, which are collected from local beaches, represent the number of people living in that area.

Totally mind blowing.

19 November 2013

Shooting tents

We've done some more photographs of my tents. So glad to have an in-house photographer.

Wir haben meine Zelte noch mal fotografiert. Schön, wenn man einen Fotografen im Haus hat. :)

Danke, John.

18 November 2013

Restraint - dance for camera piece

The latest  dance film by my partner John Coombes is online now. It's so special to show the final version of this piece. It was planned, rehearsed, filmed and edited over such a long period of time, I can't quite believe that it's finished now. I got so used to hear the wonderful music coming out of the studio and John's office over the last few months.

RESTRAINT from John Coombes on Vimeo.
The Spirit is free, she has shed her social inhibitions, she has shed her anger, she has shed her clothes, she lives free, nothing restrains her. But, without anything to fight against, to strain against, she has no drive, no objectives, no passion.

Ab heute Abend ist der neueste Tanzfilm von John auf vimeo zu sehen. Nach all der Planung, den Proben, dem Filmen und dem Schneiden hab ich mich so sehr daran gewöhnt ständig die Musik aus Johns Büro und dem Studio zu hören. Das wird mir sicher fehlen.

Danke Chris Zippel für die Musik. 

UPDATE: 14600 hits in the first week! YAY! 

12 November 2013

TipiLotta - beautiful indoor playtents for children

After months of development and product testing my tents are now available.

£ 90
100 % cotton

£ 90
100 % cotton

£ 110
six pole tent
made from unbleached wool
also available made from organic cotton

£ 130
100 % cotton
 Limited edition featuring the famous 1,2,3 Design by Graziela Preiser

All prices are for the tents and rope only. Poles can be bought at your local hardware store. 
The tents come with clear instructions of which dowel to buy and how to set up your tent.

Order before 20th November to get 20 % discount. 

  • choose from four different styles
  • matching cushions, bunting and flags available 
  • have your own custom made tent designed and handmade to fit your nursery
  • ideal Christmas present

01 November 2013

Happy Halloween

My family after the Halloween School Disco.