31 May 2009

La Provence

The landscape was just gorgeous and even better than in any picture or painting. We found some wild thyme on that hill. What we haven't used for cooking yet is in a bowl on our kitchen table. Fragant memories of Provence, dry soil and a warm summer breeze.

The vinyard and farmhouses on Domain de Sigalous.

Domaine de Sigalous

Yes, these are the flowers you see through the window on the photograph of the previous blog entry.

And this is were we have been staying and working.

27 May 2009

Provençale inspiration

Just came back from a short trip to the South of France, with new impressions, fresh ideas, beautiful bundles of lace and lots and lots of photographs.
We also brought back some bottles of the very tasty vine they make at Sigalous, and some olive oil and wild thyme. Thanks to Jeanette and Alain.

21 May 2009

The Art Market & Vanstallation

The Art Market is a unique event where selected artists & designer-makers sell beautiful homewares, garden sculpture, jewellery, paintings, fashion, photography and more, direct to the public.

The concept is to have a gallery of stalls, each manned by the artist/maker, showing, selling, receiving commissions and often demonstrating their own unique works.

The Art Market’s aim is to stimulate interest, knowledge and sales of good quality art, craft & design.

The Market is in the centre of Holmfirth, a small creative town in West Yorkshire. The Art Market is run by The Art Market Team small team of artists, for artists and lovers of art.

The benefit for the artist is direct contact with buyers, finding out what the buyer likes about their work, receive commissions, meet lots of other artists and designer/makers and avoidance of gallery commission, all for a very low cost.

The benefit for the public is the chance to ‘meet the maker’, find out about the making process, & the artists inspiration plus buy and commission amazing, unique works directly, missing out the gallery.

Also, it’s a great day out! We have live music, food and drinks and a welcoming atmosphere.

I'll be showing my work at the Art Market in Holmfirth on 7th June.
Here's the official invite:

We would like to invite you to…

June 7th & 14th 10am – 4pm
Holmfirth Indoor Market
Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

  • 80 Artists and Designer-makers selling their own original work
  • Demonstrations
  • Live Music
  • Food and drink

Only £1 entry!
(free entry to our Art Raffle)

For a list of all the artists and designer-makers, directions, parking and much more – check out our website www.artmarkets.co.uk

The 3rdArt Market is included in Holmfirth Arts Festival when there are many other things going on in Holmfirth in June – live music, workshops, Vanstallation & performance. Event listings can be found on www.holmfirthartsfestival.co.uk

Also The 4thArt Market, in time for Christmas, on 22nd November 2009


Also come along and see…

‘Vanstallation’© Art installation in vans…

We are looking for Artists to create unique installations inside their vans. Big vans, small vans, work vans, campervans, caravans, all kinds of vans with art installations inside. Performance, sound, light, art, sculpture whatever you like…

The second ‘Vanstallation’© will happen on June 14th 2009 12 – 4pm in the centre of Holmfirth. Would you like to take part? Apply on line at www.holmfirthartsfestival.co.uk or email vanstallation@googlemail.com
Deadline 1st June.

Please feel free to pass this on to other art and design lovers you know!

[text by the Art Market Team]

20 May 2009

Moldgreen Barbie

Found just outside my studio, on a pavement in Moldgreen, Huddersfield, UK.

19 May 2009

The Art Market

I'll be showing my work at the Art Market in Holmfirth on 7th June.
Find out more on their new website!

Beautifully designed by Takae Mizutani.

Waiting For Godot

We went to London on Wendesday to go to the Theatre. So here's John and me, waiting for Waiting For Godot.

The play, the actors, the stage design, it's been brilliant!

And the theatre itself, Theatre Royal Haymarket, has got the most amazing decor. Sadly it is not allowed to take pictures inside, so to see the stunning painted ceiling and get a glimpse at the balconys and for the whole flair you have to go there yourself.

Here's a picture of the box office and Martin and Rebecca getting our tickets as this has been a treat for us.

Seeing Captain Picard dancing with Gandalf was a real treat!

09 May 2009

News from my Etsy shop

Spring special: FREE SHIPPING!


Just click here to get to my etsy shop.

01 May 2009

Places with a past

I like places with a past. I like to be inspired by what was there and then find what might be.

The entry to the former metioned "possible garden" is not a beauty [yet]. But when you are there, you see all the potential and all the possibilities and then, somehow, you can almost see and feel that something special has been there before. A truly loved garden.

This photograph of the very same spot was taken in the fifties or sixties. Imagine what this may look like in colour!