04 October 2010

A Virtual Photo Booth

Monday again. Time seems to fly. So many things I wanted to do over the weekend... and suddenly it's Monday.

John's at work, Johanna is busy growing and teething and is pretty restless and wriggley. Currently she sits on my knee.
I am trying to type with one hand whilst holding her little fists with the other other hand in an attempt to stop her trying to type.

She has been very active today and generally really good, but very clingy. She wants to be held and carried all the time since her first little tooth appeared. She's very alert and keeps looking around as if she's just lost something, which is ever so cute and funny.

She's got such an amazingly animated little face. It's so interesting to watch her working things out. The range of expressions seems to grow steadily. Most recently she started "fremdeln". There is no word for this in English it think. It's normal behaviour in babies, that at a certain age they just cry when a stranger (or anyone apart from mum & dad) is approaching them.
It starts off with Johanna giving the person a long, serious look, then she pulls her eyebrows together, then pulls down her bottom lip, takes a deep long breath and then starts screaming until big baby tears are running down her cheeks. It's a heartbreaking show.

 We've spent the last 30 minutes  in the virtual photo booth.

I came across "La Photo Cabin" via Juliette on her Blog "Zuhause in Germany". Vist her beautiful blog here.

The sun is shining and we'll be going out in a minute, though we probably won't go very far as it's nearly time for Johanna's next feed.

Have a nice day and don't forget to check out Juliette's blog!