31 January 2010


TRAPEZIUS, John’s most recent dance film, has been accepted at two more festivals.

It will be screened most nights from 7th Feb 2010 to 4th April 2010 at Xtend IV, in South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, as part of their LIFT OFF! dance festival this spring.

First we have been told that it would be part of a larger showreel of dance films, but then the festival director liked it so much, TRAPEZIUS is now being featured on it’s own screen.

It will also be screened at Phoenix Picture House, Oxford at a special screening event alongside a new commissioned work for “Dance Festival - DANCIN' OXFORD.” on 21st March 2010.

And here are some images of me preparing the backdrops used in this film.

30 January 2010

The bump

There's something I haven't mentioned on the blog yet...

John and I are having a baby. It'll be due at the end of May. We are so happy!

29 January 2010


We finally got handles on our kitchen drawers and cupboards. It was quite tricky without them, but if you start with the bottom drawer and then pull out the next one... well you get the idea.

The decision-making was quite tricky, too, as I really liked some vintage style ones we found at car möbel, but we finally settled for some modern looking ikea ones as they go well with the oven handle and all the other stainless steel in the kitchen. There is already different types of wood going on and I wanted to keep things plain and clear.

26 January 2010


Thinking of renaming my blog...
So far "Tapetenwechsel" is my favourite name. Litereally it means "change of wallpaper". It's also used for changing location. And as this is what I am doing at the moment (literally and in a metaphorical sense) I think it might be the right name.
As I am designing wallpaper (amongst textiles and other things) it could stay the name of my blog even after all the moving and decorating is finished. Once we've settled in we will still need a "Tapetenwechsel" from time to time, as you could use this expression to discribe that you want to get away for a few days and stay somewhere else, i. e. need to look at different wallpaper.

Does that make sense, what d'you think?

22 January 2010

The Poppies

I am nominated for "The Poppies", a virtual awards ceremony, on Poppytalk, one of my favourite blogs.

Take part in this event celebrating the Handmade Community and browse through the lists of nominations here to find your favourite handmade accessories. Or just click on my name, and vote for Freitag Design! ;)

20 January 2010

Correspondence between Goethe and Schiller

Computer Journalist Giesbert Damaschke puts the correspondence between Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller on a blog - in real time.

Well, nearly real time, there is a delay of 215 years. Letters form 1794 - 1805 will be posted on the date they were written.
Giesbert Damaschke started on 13th of June 2009, and as about 1011 letters were exchanged over a period of 11 years he plans to be finished on 27th of April in 2020.

Good luck with this exraordinary project. It will be interesting to see if these two classical authors will be able to succeed in the blogging world.

Click here to get to the blog:: Briefwechsel-Schiller-Goethe

19 January 2010


Here are some images of  my work I took a while ago.

Dionne's invite form the previous post reminded me of a picture I took for my degree project.

That's just a snapshot of the piece still at the sewing machine, but I liked it so much that I wanted to have it on my invite and the cover of my book. So we took some more photographs

and finally came up with this one:

18 January 2010

Last week...

On Monday, the first day out after being snowed in for a week, I went clothes shopping in Leeds. Tuesday I finally managed to unpack the last two boxes that have been underneath the big table in my studio since our move in September.

I've been cooking (and eating) lots of warming winter soups this week.
Carrot and Ginger soup on Thursday, with a lovely Welsh opera singer called Richard Parry.

Friday was spicy lentil soup with “Spätzle” with Martin Riley, an opera librettist, screenwriter, storyteller and dear friend.
Saturday we went to the opening of an exhibition of works by textile artist Dionne Swift at the Bankfield Museum in Halifax. I was very curious to see her latest work as soon as I had a look at the invite.

 The exhibition continues until 7 March.

We had a fantastic night out on Saturday, when we went to The Green Miller, a pub in Huddersfield to celebrate Ruby Black's birthday. Ruby is a fashion and beauty photographer. Check out her beautiful website here.

photograph: Ruby Black

Then on Sunday I made minestrone for 7 people and, after a snowball fight and a long walk at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, it was exactly the right thing to have.

17 January 2010

New Year – new start

The last few months I was so busy with the renovation and the move that I neglected this blog, but there is still so much to tell as 2009 was such an exciting year! I’ve been working on various creative projects, but I’ll tell you about those later. I’ve collected lots of ideas and taken hundreds of images and I can’t wait to share them with you.

I plan to blog more regularly this year and I’ve been thinking about the subjects I like to write about and allocated each subject to one day of the week.

Monday – about my week
Tuesday - projects I am working on
Wednesday- other blogs and websites I like
Thursday- documenting the renovation & decoration of our new live/workspace
Friday - online finds / flea market finds

What do you think? I am grateful for any advice.