18 July 2009

The Paper Collar

Late last night whilst John did some lighting tests I was folding sheets of beautifully aged paper to form a collar for todays photography session.

[photo: John Coombes]

Todays Photo Sesssion

Been working on another photo session today. This time we have been shooting upstairs!

Possibilities and facts

The possible flowers have turned into real flowers,
the possible garden has turned into our garden
and the old printworks, well, John signed the contract last week and we will turn the old printworks into our living and working space.

Taking the sign down.

11 July 2009

ArtWEEK Fringe @ Holme Valley Warehouse

There are some gorgeous things on display at the Holme Valley Warehouse.

I fell in love with this little creature. Introducing... Brains Floatation Device for fairies.
See more "Brains Fairy Aiding Inventions" by Samantha Bryan

Raku fired sculpture by Andrew D. Hill.

10 July 2009

Possible flowers

Possible flowers for the possible garden.